I play oboes, flutes, other woodwinds, piano, percussion — really, anything I can get my hands on. I have performed on oboe with Boulder Symphony, Arapahoe Philharmonic, and Denver Rock Orchestra; on flutes, tin whistles, and vocals with an Irish band for twenty years; and on pretty much everything — including primal scream and bass recorder — with my fifteen-person chamber ensemble, Unfinished Orchestra.


I arrange music for the Denver Rock Orchestra, and a few chamber groups, with a focus on translating classical and pop favorites for a completely different set of instruments.

I run Unfinished Orchestra, a weekly chamber music group with a diverse instrumentation. We hold a couple of concerts a year, and play a mix of classical and pop music. We're open to all instruments and skill levels — we could particularly use more strings! I arrange all the music to make it work, and try to give everyone a part that is fun to play and suits their strengths.